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The Sofdim Team

Sofdim team is a team consisting of four persons. We all come from different professional and academic backgrounds and this makes an interisting matching between us.

The team came together in 2015 and we work together ever since on the idea. We work together a long time on the idea and besides the family bonds between some of us, we make a great team.

The Idea

The idea came up to Dimitra, one of the founders of the company, in the year 2006. As simple as it may sound, when one day she was visiting a super market and a customer came to the cashier to express his anger that the super market had sold him an expired product' she wondered the possibility if an allert could protect both the consumer and the super market from such accidents from occuring.This could be managed in many ways but we thing we ve came up with the best sollution in the market. The idea was simple and yet very usefful and efficient. We tried to input important aditional information about the product into a new form of an extentend barcode. The user is given the ability to be notified when is product is recalled or expired with a simple scan. This helps significally the work of logistics, wholesale and retail users.

Our Vision

our vision is to manage to add vallue to industies by helping them save time, money and reduce accidents through the use of our innovative application. This refers to handling on line and codified aditional information about their products and helping them plan their policy by reducing food waste, human mistakes, accidents from occuring and increase the feeling of secure of the consumer towards the brand

Our Goal

Our goals include many important parameters of the application. It is an application that offers unlimmited possibilities to the user. We aim to help make the way logistics, whole and retail salers work. Beyond that we aim to help in the procedure of recalling products for the industries. Also one more important parameter is the food waste limitation. Least but not last one significant goal we aim at is to put a small stone in limmiting the falsified medicines effect.

Meet Us

Achilleas Kandilas


Vlachou Dimitra

General Manager

Pagona Vlachou

Sales Manage
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